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Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies in the world

The chemical tanker shipping companies have a big responsibility in managing their fleet safely,  efficiently, and economically. Chemicals are strong hazards and a small wrong action could compensate human lives.  Hence, managing a Chemical tanker fleet requires a lot of, Health, Safety, and Environmental protection measures. a sophisticated approach to quality control is a must and regular maintenance and proper tank cleaning are best practices for hazard-free operation.

Chemical tanker shipping companies are a sub-category of the tanker shipping companies. Tankers are one type of different ships operate in the world.

Chemical Tanker- View of the Ship upper deck

Chemical tankers are cost-efficient to transport chemicals in bulk and long-distance transportation. Organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, vegetable oils, and animal fats gain benefits with chemical tanker transportation.

There are plenty of chemical tanker shipping companies in the world. Out of which we have gathered the 10 best chemical tanker shipping companies in the world with their profile details.

01. Ace Tankers

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies

Ace tankers is an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based parcel chemical tanker operator.  The company was established in 2008 out of the joint venture formerly known as Chem-Tankers. Chem-Tankers was formed with the Joint venture of Istanbul-based, Askay Shipping Company in 2004 with a chemical fleet of 12 vessels and the Chem fleet.

Ace tankers have a fleet of 40 tankers. These vessels are equipped with tankers coated with sophisticated multi-grade stainless steel for high safety.

Ace tankers operate its fleet with a long-term contract of affreightments (COA) and for spot businesses.

Ace Tankers has 15-20 ships operating in Trans-Atlantic with an operational ship on the route at any given time.  Another 15-20 vessels are in Euro- Asia route covering Northern Europe, UK, and Baltic direction Asia and back via Med, Black Sea, AG, India, and Singapore all the way to Japan and North China.

02. MOL Chemical Tankers

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies_Daily Logistics

MOL Chemical Tankers was established in 1972. With an acquisition, the company became a member of Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Group in1996. Headquarters in Singapore.

MOL Chemical Tankers have acquired few tanker companies to expand their presence in the market. The acquisition of Tokyo Marine Asia Pte Ltd tankers in 2016 was one of the major acquisitions.

 MOL Chemical Tankers became strong in the Atlantic Ocean with the acquisition of Danish chemical tanker operator,  Nordic Tankers, in January 2019.

Out of the total capacity of the country, 54%  is dedicated to transport organic chemicals and 15% is for Inorganic chemicals while the balance is used to carry other commodities like vegetable oil.

Together with Den Hartogh, a leading Dutch tank container company and a local company Sea-tank, MOL Chemical Tankers is developing a tank terminal in Antwerp Port to secure and strengthen their presence in the market.

03. Navig8 Chemical Tankers

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies_Daily Logistics

Navig8 Chemical Tankers was established in 2013 by the Navig8 Group. It has a fleet of 32 high specifications Chemical Tankers to serve around the world. The company’s strategy is to serve spot-market oriented Commercial Pools of Navig8 Group & Odfjell. This is to recover high freight rates and full utilization of vessel capacity.

The Navig8 Chemical fleet consists of tanks with stain steel, marineline and interline 9001, and Epoxy coating to maintain high safety standards. Their vessels consist of eighteen 38,500 DWT Interline-9001 & marineline coated Chemical Tankers, eight 25,000 DWT stainless steel Chemical Tankers, four IMO II 49,000 DWT Interline-9001 coated Chemical Tankers and two 49,080 DWT epoxy-coated Chemical Tankers.

All the chemical tankers of Navig8 have built-in shipyards of Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, Kitanihon Shipbuilding, Fukuoka Shipbuilding, STX Offshore & Shipbuilding, and Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard.

04. HANSA Tankers

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies_Daily Logistics

Hansa Tankers Management AS is a Bergen-based tanker company established in 2010. They have Vessels with stain and steel tankers with an average of 6 years of age to carry all IMO II/III liquid chemicals. The total stainless steel capacity of the HANSA Tankers could be read as 1,029,661 DWT.

Being a leading tanker shipping company, the Hansa Tanker’s fleet consists of 40 chemical tankers. Having a modern tanker fleet, the oldest ships of the fleet are Lyderhorn and Ulriken built-in 2006 with DWT 33 849 and 33 888 respectively.

The newest vessel of the Hansa Tankers fleet is Eva Usuki built in 2020 with 19 808 DWT.

05. Stolt-Nielsen

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies_Daily Logistics

The Stolt Tankers is a subsidiary of Stolt-Nielsen Group which has its sub-business units including its three bulk-liquid and chemicals logistics businesses, Stolt haven Terminals, and Stolt Sea Farm, investments in LNG and the Slot Tankers. They are one of the leading operators in chemical tankers and parcel tankers.

Stolt-Nielsen has a fleet of 152 ships with about 3 million DWT. Out of which, around 70 deep-sea ships sailing in  Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean seas. Total 152 ships 3 million DWT.

Other than to the own vessel fleet, Stolt provides services through partnerships. The Stolt Tankers B.V., NYK Stolt Tankers S.A.,and Hassel Shipping 4 AS are few of them.

06. The IINO Lines

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies_Daily Logistics

The IINO Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. Commonly known as IINO Lines is a Tokyo, Japan based chemical tanker company.IINO Lines has its representative offices in Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, London, Houston, and, Connecticut. The IINO Lines operate oil tankers, chemical tankers, gas tankers, and dry bulk carriers. Out of which, 30 chemical tankers operate on routes from the Middle East to the Far East and Europe.

The chemical tanker fleet consists of 76.6%  stainless-steel tanks, 23.3% of Zinc coating stainless-steel tanks, which includes dedicated methanol tankers as well.

 The IINO Lines’ Chemical fleet handles by IINO Singapore Pte. Ltd and, it is dedicated to transport petrochemical products, methanol, vegetable oil, ethanol, and lubricating oils.

From the total capacity, chemical tankers carry 69.7%, of Petrochemical products and 30.3% of Non-petrochemical products.

07. Team Tankers

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies_Daily Logistics

Team Tankers company was first incorporated in Norway in 1968. On 29th  July 2014, Team Tankers International Ltd was incorporated in Bermuda. Team Tankers’ corporate headquarter is located in Westport, Connecticut, USA. The new Team Tankers International was established based on the business platform and operations of Eitzen Chemical.

Team tankers have its own vessels and charted vessels in their fleet. These tankers are incorporated with Stainless steel, Interline 9001, Epoxy/Zinc coating to maintain the industry standard and based on the carrying commodity. Organic chemicals, non-organic chemicals, clean and dirty petroleum products, vegetable oils, and lube oils are the main commodities internationally transported by the team tankers.

Out of the total chemical fleet, more than 17 ships are operating under the flag of Bermuda, Panama, Malta, and Liberia.

08. Seatrans Group

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies_Daily Logistics

Seatrans Group is an integrated ship-owning company with in-house chartering and operations, ship management, and crewing functions established in Norway in 1971. Company was founded by two seafarers, Wollert Hvide and Bjarne Kyrkjebø.

Seatrans has started its chemical tanker operating business in 1968. The company engages in transporting of chemicals in the North Sea and the Mediterranean with stainless steel parcel tankers. Seatrans has started its chemical tanker operation with a 200 tons vessel that transported sulphuric acid. Currently, Seatrans owns 10 tanker vessels and has their presence in Europe chemical cargo parcel trade.

09. Fairfield Chemical Carriers

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies_Daily Logistics

Fairfield Chemical Carriers was established in 1996. Fairfield has 40 stainless steel vessels in its fleet that operate to 450 ports worldwide. With the merger of Iino Kaiun Kaisha Ltd., a Tokyo stock listed company Fairfield could increase its chemical fleet as well as the market presence. The company has 36 ships in its active fleet with a total DWT of 847,143. All the chemical tankers are equipped with 100% stainless steel tanks. Another 6 ships are under construction with 20,000 to 25,000 MT capacity. Being a responsible chemical tanker company, with the support of Fukuoka Shipbuilding Co., Ltd shipbuilding company 4 vessels are under construction with dual-fuel/LNG propulsion.

Fairfield Chemical Carriers has its international offices in Tokyo, Singapore, Durban, Rotterdam, and Wilton for better coverage of the worldwide market.

10. PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk

Top 10 Chemical Tanker Shipping Companies_Daily Logistics

PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk is a Jakarta, Indonesia based tanker company with a leading market share in the chemical tanker market. The company was established in 1981 and specialized in transporting liquid bulk cargo parcels.

PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk is commonly known as BLT and started its chemical tanker business in 1989. BTL has expanded its presence in chemical shipping with the acquisition of 7 chemical tankers in 1998.

With the market development, PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk became the largest chemical transporter in the Intra-Asia market. This was further backed up with the purchase of another 19 chemical tankers to the fleet in 2007.

Currently, BLT has 06 chemical tankers in operation and with their company’s strategy, BLT serves a niche market with its strong presence.

All the chemical tankers are double hulled and equipped with stainless steel tanks.

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