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No Leakage of Crude Oil from Cargo Tanks to the Sea – MT New Diamond

Sri Lanka’s navy says its divers have fixed a fuel leak from the engine of New Diamond.  Navy has confirmed no crude oil has escaped the cargo of the New Diamond and leaked diesel fuel had created a two-kilometre-long slick in the Indian Ocean.

The fuel leaked into the water through damaged pipes. These pipes connects to a ballast water intake on the ship’s starboard side, according to a navy statement.

Three members of a salvage team boarded the tanker and found the 270,000-tonne crude oil cargo unaffected by the fire. Greek vessel owners are discussing on the destination of vessel and where to transfer the crude oil.

No crude oil leak from the cargo tanks- New Diamond
Photo Credit: SLAF

Sri Lanka has asked the ship’s owners to tow her away from the country’s teretorial water.

Mauritius suffers from the damage caused by the Japanese Bulk Carrier MV Wakashio  which worriers the Sri Lankan authorities on the MT New Diamond.

If the tanks caught fire disaster it cause estimated as one of the largest in the maritime history.

Sri Lanka’s environmental authorities fear on the impact of new Diamond to its water and environment. Legal action will take against the owner under the Sri Lankan laws protecting the marine ecosystem, Jagath Gunesekara, deputy general manager of the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) said

Further, Gunasekara added, “We are deciding whether to claim criminal liability or civil liability or both”

Greece-based Porto Emporios Shipping Inc is the registered owner of the New Diamond and New Shipping Ltd manages the vessel.

Sri Lanka worries on environmental impact of New Diamond
Photo credit: SLAF

New Diamond VLCC (very large crude carrier) is 20-year old and operate under Panama flag.

The New Diamond’s boiler exploded, killing a Filipino crewmember while passing Sri Lanka a week ago. The remaining 22 crew were rescued.

Vessel caught the fire while her passage to India from Kuwait. Oil was delivering to the refinery in Paradip


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