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Top 10 Warehouse books

Top 10 Warehouse books

The term warehousing means holding and protecting the goods until they are dispatched to their customers. The activities of a warehouse are mostly functional and warehouse management expresses such activities, including loading, unloading, sorting, assembling, and controlling.

The need for warehouse operations arises due to the time gap between production & consumption. By closing this gap, the warehouse creates time utility. When a company has the potential to continue to produce in anticipation of demand in the future, warehousing allows entrepreneurs to continue to manufacture and sell their products throughout the requirement whenever there is adequate demand.

Warehousing demand also arises as some goods are produced only at certain times but are in demand throughout the year. Similarly, some products are manufactured throughout the year but applied only for a certain period of time. The warehouse allows transportation optimization through the supply chain and companies are authorized to work with optimal inventory ‘economic order quantity’ on service quality.

When considering warehouse management, is a strategy for implementing day-to-day operations in a warehouse to promote, enhance, and ensure operational excellence.

By considering all these factors, warehousing can be identified as an important activity in the current world of business and has led warehouse management to cater to the customer demands of the business while making warehouse management a critical part.

Accordingly, having considerable knowledge of warehousing has currently become a precious jewel in the current business world. Therefore, this article is expected to explain the top 10 warehouse-related books.

01. Basics of Warehouse and Inventory Management

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

In 2022, the greatest author, Villivalam Rangachari Rangarajan wrote this book by especially focusing on India. Although it is a just 140-page small book, this book is consisting ample of business logistics theories.

It would make an excellent reference book for freshmen who are just starting to explore the field of logistics, as well as a useful guidebook for warehouses.

When looking inside this book, the reader can gain knowledge of a realistic and practical view of the manner in which a warehouse develops, what goes on there, and what provides a complete management guideline to operate a warehouse with success.

Fundamentally, the author aims to explain the basis of warehouse activities using different topics. Starting with an explanation of the different processes and the aim of the logistics. The book provides a warm welcome to warehouse management within the first two topic areas.

Since the main target of this book is to provide the basics of warehouse and inventory management, the author gradually explains the topics, including the establishment and functions of the warehouse, documents, equipment, deliverables, and quality-ensuring tools.

Additionally, the modern world deals with novel automated concepts; thus, the topics of this book attempt to explain the different warehouse management systems and e-commerce within the main topics 7 and 8.

Moreover, in the inventory management intended topic areas, the author gives a proper introduction to inventory management, the process, different types of inventories, and the way of inventory planning and controlling. 

2. Warehouse Management

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

Gwynne Richards is the author of this book, and it is an ideal guidebook for reducing prices and boosting efficiency in the contemporary warehouse. The book is vital for industry experts and for students, as the author explains the concepts and theories related to warehousing using his own experiences.

By referring to this, readers can get comprehensive knowledge on the way of managing a storage facility in a proper way. There are four editions of the book available to the readers. In 2011, the book was initially published, and in 2022 the latest version was published. When we are looking at the content of this book, the author started the chapters by giving an introduction and explaining the role of the warehouse.

Gradually, it explains the main duties of the warehouse manager, and the process, including receiving, putting away, picking, and dispatching of goods. In addition to discussions on the future of warehousing, the newest advancements in this field, warehouse layouts, novel technological equipment, and resources of a warehouse are explained in the upcoming section of the book.

Since the main target of the book is the cost reduction in a warehouse, there are numerous case studies featuring businesses that have enhanced and reduced spending through the implementation of modern concepts are also explained in this book.

Apart from that, in the final chapters, the readers can gain knowledge on the way to enhance the health and safety aspects measuring the performance of a warehouse, the environment, and the future of the warehouse.

3. Warehouse Management and Inventory Control

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

Warehouse management and inventory control are considerable commitments for everyone involved in the business world. As a result, this book is suitable for use as a textbook in higher education institutions as well as business entities.

Every chapter of the book offers fascinating case studies or exercises, and it is written in a way that is informative, entertaining, and easy to read. Due to that newcomers to inventory control and warehouse management will find it to be a helpful resource as well. The book was published in 2015 by two authors, namely Philip M. Price, and N. J. Harrison and there are two editions of this book available.

The inventory control and warehouse management book cover 12 chapters, including the areas of roles in the warehouse, internal processes like inbound, put away, material handling, and material controlling.

Also, under the outbound process, the books cover inventory issuing and distribution. Within the last chapter of this book, the authors try to explain safety & security concerns, technological advancements, customer service, and future changes within warehouse management.

4. Time, Space & Cost Guide to Better Warehouse Design

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

In 2017, Maida Napolitano wrote this book with the purpose of explaining concepts like time, cost, and space utilization of a warehouse. Therefore, this book becomes a realistic guidebook to assist with improving the layout and performance of a warehouse.

There are two editions available of this book and the second edition of the book has been substantially rewritten and expanded to save time, and better utilize the space, and money of a warehouse. By referring to this book, the readers can assess existing operations and test out new concepts and ideas in the guide before putting them into practice.

The books consist mainly of three chapters. After the introductory part, the author explains the use of time to measure work, calculate labor requirements, assess alternate configurations, benchmark processes, and enhance them.

This is covered in the section on warehouse time standards. The second chapter of the book analyzes the effects of different warehousing and handling equipment and techniques on space utilization and provides guidelines to assist in choosing the ideal combination of materials, machinery, and operational procedures for a warehouse.

By referring to the final chapter of this book, readers can discover a comprehensive examination of all the various costs related to a warehouse and methods for analyzing these costs.

5. Practical Performance Management

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

The book was written by Paul Lukehart in 2020. Currently, there are four editions of this book available. Mainly, the book explains how to manage quality & productivity in warehouses and describes how to build up the whole management system.

Also, the reader can get more knowledge on how to set higher employee performance targets, create reporting, and run a system alongside managers and supervisors within a warehouse environment.

The book is a 104-page print-length small book, but it contains entirely different focused areas, including the basics for the performance standard management system, how to collect data and measure the information, the way of setting standards, managing quality and productivity, and finally explaining the management systems.

6. Book For Inventory And Warehousing

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

The topic of inventory control from a manufacturing point of view is the focus of this book. In 2021, the book was written by Les Sayavong. When looking at the content of the book, it begins with clarifying inventory control and outlining the main objectives of initiatives for inventory management.

Therefore, it examines the techniques for carrying out inventory control duties and describes the procedures for reordering both finished goods and raw materials. After that, it focuses on management duties and looks at how to make inventory control procedures better.

In product-based organizations, packaging and warehousing are the main topics of this book. The varieties, functions, and benefits of packing are examined in the first portion, while the best practices and advancements in warehousing are covered in the final section.

Moreover, the future of the above-mentioned warehouse-related functions is also covered in the book.

7. Know How to Organize the Warehouse and Control the Inventory

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

The book, “Know How to Organize the Warehouse and Control the Inventory,” was written by Ramón Rodríguez Angeles in 2018.

After he realized that most books are created in particular for those with in-depth knowledge of the subject or for professionals, not every reader will be able to understand the explanations that are provided in them, the author was driven to develop this book in such a way that the reader may appreciate the professional, expert knowledge he has on these subjects.

Basically, the book comprises seven chapters. The first chapter explains the way of organizing a warehouse, and chapter 2 provides a comprehensive explanation of the way of designing the layout of the warehouse.

Implementation of the bar code, maintaining the accuracy of the inventory, different counting methods, and performance indicators are explained in the upcoming chapters. In the final chapter, Chapter 7, the author provides some recommendations for managing a warehouse at its optimal level.

8. From Warehouse to Supply Chain Inventory Management

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

The book by Luis Guell explains how slow and ineffective telecommunications restricted the development of inventory replenishment strategies and gave rise to the idea that inventory should be maintained within a warehouse’s limits.

In 2011, the book was published. The content of the book explains how an outdated mentality constrained the development of inventory replenishment policies. By transferring the focus of inventory management from the warehouse to the supply chain.

Additionally, this book provides the interpretation of AutoID Consultancy on the quality of inventory management tools today and establishes the foundation for technological advances that could completely transform supply chain management.

9. Selecting, Buying, Installing, and Using a Modern Warehouse Management System

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

President Jan Young is the author of this book, drawing on his work experience. The target audience of this book is the executive, manager, or engineer thinking about implementing a warehouse management system in their warehouse.

Also, the information included in the content may become significant to the people who are thinking about replacing their current system. At the beginning of the chapters, the author outlines the function of warehouse management systems as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

In the upcoming pagers, the book discusses how to purchase a warehouse management system, how to put together a project team, where to find commercial systems, how to choose between different types of systems, how to create a request for proposals, and how to assess proposals.

Finally, the ongoing operations, such as monitoring and maintenance of the warehouse management system, are explained by the author.

10. Warehouse Management with SAP, ERP

Top 10 Warehouse books-daily logistics
Top 10 Warehouse books – daily logistics

Famous authors Martin Murray and Sanil Kimmatkar wrote this book in 2016, and up until now, three editions have been published. The authors attempt in this book, with SAP warehouse management in SAP ERP, to ensure an effective and well-organized warehouse management development.

Additionally, readers are facilitated in learning how to build and apply cutting-edge technologies like RFID, EDI, and mobile data input, as well as essential functionality like goods receipt and goods issue, by reading this book.

Since the contents of this book are rich with so many explanations, readers will become SAP warehouse managers. experts, covering everything from stock management to choosing tactics. Apart from the initial edition, warehouse performance monitoring, ITS mobile, interconnections with SAP ERP, and other features are all included in the updated edition.

The book Warehouse Management with SAP ERP helps the reader become familiar with warehouse management fundamentals such as product receipt, product issue, replenishment, and put-away, and then the reader becomes an expert in complex subjects like cross-docking value-added services, and hazardous materials management.

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