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Top 10 Logistics Books

Top 10 Logistics Books

All processes that are carried out between the point where the raw materials are obtained and the manufacturing location with the intention of ensuring that a product or service reaches the end users are technically referred to as “Logistics.”

The capability to constantly gain knowledge and apply the concepts, philosophies, and practices that really can help deliver progress throughout all aspects of its business operations, from manufacturing and storage to distribution, as well as every phase between each one.

It is indeed an extremely important basic principle for every kind of successful business personnel, entrepreneur, and students to read more and more books. Even though it is, it might be challenging to decide which kind of reference books to study to gain knowledge within the field of logistics as there are so many distinct topics and related publications.

To help you with that, we have decided to list down the must-read top 10 logistics books.

1. International Logistics: The Management of International Trade Operations

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

 Among the top ten logistics books, this is the first one, which was published in 2017. A famous writer, Pierre A. David, is the author of this book. The book consists of a 745-page print length and is published by Cicero Book LLC.

Basically, by referring to this book, one can grab knowledge in areas including the growth of international trade, milestones of it, the largest import and export countries, trade theories, drivers, international supply chains, infrastructures, different kinds of methods for international entry, and international contracts.

The text’s target audience is people who use international logistics services. It covers all of the crucial ideas for managers who are actively engaged in international trade activities, whether that is importing or exporting items.

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2. A Practical Guide to Logistics: An Introduction to Transport, Warehousing, Trade and Distribution

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

The book is the great work of author Jerry Rudd. The book was published in 2019 by Kogan Page, and there is only one edition available. This easy-to-follow manual, A Practical Handbook to Logistics, guides readers through each and every component of this impressive sector, including packaging, shipping, warehousing, and exporting and importing products.

Both newcomers to the field and more experienced professionals who might have knowledge gaps could greatly benefit from having access to this fundamental knowledge. The content of the book, which analyzes each area of logistics in detail, is complemented by multiple pictures.

A Practical Guide to Logistics aims to provide them with the knowledge they need to advance to the next knowledge level by providing clear, pre-assessments of the available options and reasonable guidance on how to select the best solution for their organization.

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3. Logistics: The Key to Victory

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

The author of this book, Jeremy Black, addresses a gap in war studies by emphasizing logistics as a crucial topic at the heart of every conflict, historically and worldwide. The book was originally published in 2021 by the Naval Institute Press.

By examining this book, readers can gain an understanding of the major conflicts, advancements, and theories that influence the significant role of logistics when technologies advance. These factors are also having an impact on logistics, public policy, stability, and economic conditions.

From traditional, ancient, early, and medieval times to current eras of industrial warfare, especially with oil and steam, and scientific and technological advances, even cyber warfare and intelligent weapons, all are taken into account by the author to explain the theoretical and practical variables of supply and can be studied using this book as a reference.

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4. The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management: Understanding the Supply Chain

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

The seventh edition of Alan Rushton, Phil Croucher, and Dr. Peter Baker’s book is regarded as one of the most comprehensive and understandable resources on the subject.

With this detailed guide that provides simple and understandable explanations, the book covers a wide range of fundamental concepts in logistics, distribution management, and the supply chain, in addition to new trends and cutting-edge technological advancements.

The Handbook gives professionals and students a thorough, step-by-step summary of all the various aspects of establishing, operating, and optimizing supply chains.

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5. Global Logistics For Dummies

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

This 336-page book was released by For Dummies in December 2017. The authors provide advice on a wide range of topics for manufacturers, companies, product distributors, logistics service providers, and logisticians on both ends of a global chain who are thinking about entering or have recently started in the global logistics chain or market.

The book shows how global logistics necessitates the participation of not only all aspects of the logistics industry but also all elements of the commercial enterprise. It is systematically arranged, runs much deeper into issues, and offers a fuller understanding of how supply chains are planned and operated than different collections of research papers do.

This textbook integrates tactical and strategic insights, and it is supported throughout with real-world data and actual examples that bring the principles to life. For managers of supply chains and logistics companies, both present and future, as well as those looking for this book, it is a must-read. The book is the International Society of Logistics’ SOLE’s First Edition.

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6. Handbook of LOGISTICS, SHIPPING & Commercial Terminologies

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

Don’t be turned off by the fact that this book is now four years old. Benny John published a 338-page book titled Handbook of LOGISTICS, SHIPPING & Business Terminologies in 2019.

In developing economies like India: logistics, shipping, and supply chain management are growing fields of study. With regard to the Indian subcontinent and South East Asia in particular, the book provided a platform of great interest among professionals, young people, and academics.

Therefore, by referring to this book, readers can grab knowledge in the areas of logistics, shipping, and commercial terminologies.

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7. Logistics book for Ocean Freight/ Air Freight / Land Freight Customs Clearance: Mode of Shipment Ocean Air Land Freight Customs Clearance

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

The book discusses various subjects, such as ocean freight, air freight, land freight, and customs clearance. Abdul Gafoor Puthan Purayil wrote the book in 2021. Professionals, students, and even those who are merely interested in the logistics industry may find this book to be very helpful.

There are five chapters included in this book. Chapter 1 provides assistance in understanding the basics of logistics management, including the term “logistics,” its purpose and elements, the 7 R’s of logistics, operations, and the INCO term 2020. While Chapter 2 describes the documentation needed for import and export.

Chapter 3 will describe the entire process for import and export shipments of ocean freight, starting with the identification and negotiation of the carrier, the booking procedure, the export order, and the documentation requirements for various types of containers and capacities.

In Chapter 4, the author discusses air, road, and rail freight, inland water and pipeline freight, and customs clearance. Warehouse management is explained in Chapter 5, which is the last chapter. The significance of warehouses, different types of warehouses, warehouse functions, and documentation of warehouse activities are all covered in this chapter.

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8. Maritime Logistics: A Guide to Contemporary Shipping and Port Management

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

You must continue working to educate yourself if you want to keep advancing in your industry. Hence, while you read this wonderful book on maritime logistics, you can obtain an overview of the fundamental ideas in this field from a variety of international expert writers.

There are two authors of this book: Professor Dong-Wook Song and Photis Panayides. This textbook looks at the most current changes in the ports and shipping sectors, including supply chain strategies and innovative, novel procedures.

The format, which is geared toward maritime professionals and students, provides a comprehensive approach with a focus on building broad knowledge and understanding of the subject. Despite the fact that the book was first published in 2021, there are currently three editions available. The third edition has been completely updated with new stuff on supply chain integration, port performance and management, and liner shipping economies of scale.

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9. The Rule of Logistics: Walmart and the Architecture of Fulfillment

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

The Rule of Logistics by Jesse LeCavalier focuses on the story of Walmart’s buildings in the context of the company’s overall operations, which are themselves driven by an obsession with logistics.

Walmart is the biggest and most well-known retailer in the world, operating both physically and electronically. The logistics aspect of this company has a significant impact on people’s lives today, so it is critical to understand the logistics aspect of Walmart. By examining the stores, distribution facilities, databases, and inventory management procedures of the greatest organization in the world, The Rule of Logistics makes sense of its organizational and structural implications.

Jesse LeCavalier explains how logistics develops as a field of study, a line of employment, and a set of procedures, that change our physical world, starting with the company’s founding in 1962. The book was published in 2001 by the Publisher Univ Of Minnesota Press in 2016  as a 264-page book.

The Law of Logistics explores what forms a framework may take in the future when affected by systems that are more powerful than its current capabilities and explains how retailing now is altering modern communities, minds, buildings, and communities.

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10. Operational Logistics: The Art and Science of Sustaining Military Operations (Management for Professionals)

Top 10 Logistics Books_ Daily Logistics
Top 10 Logistics Books

The theoretical foundations and practical applications of operational logistics in the military are nicely explored in this book. The book on operational logistics considers both qualitative and quantitative aspects. The book was written by Moshe Kress in 2016. This book is currently available in two editions.

In the second edition, there 12 chapters are included. The author attempts to explain the introduction to logistics in the first chapter by defining keywords and providing historical reviews of existing alternatives. The three levels of logistics strategic, operational, and tactical are described in Chapter 2 along with their overall structure and features.

The cornerstone of operational logistics is discussed in Chapter 3. Planning for operational logistics is covered in Chapter 4. The book takes the reader step by step through the main principles and functional areas of management levels, issues raised on logistics information and logistics needs, and network optimizations.

The second version additionally includes two more chapters, numbered 7 and 8. They discuss logistics issues related to two current operational issues: insurgencies and humanitarian aid. An inter-temporal network optimization model is presented in the book’s concluding chapter, Chapter 12, with the aim of determining the implementation and use of the operational logistics support chain throughout military operations.

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