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10 Largest (Busiest) Ports in the World

10 Largest (or the Busiest) Ports in the World

Port of Shanghai

world largest ports-Port-of-shanghai-dailylogistic.com

Port of Shanghai remains as the world busiest port and the largest port in terms of cargo volume handling at port. Port of Shanghai overtook the Port of Singapore in 2010 and, since then position in the 1st place with a year by year growth.

world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com

Port of Singapore

world largest ports-Port-of singapore-dailylogistic.com

Port of Singapore was the world busiest seaport until the Shanghai port overtook the place in 2010. With the efficient and competitive services port attracts around 130,000 vessels annually. On top of that port hold the title of world top transhipment port providing services to the transhipment cargo with high vessel connectivity. Port’s connectivity expands to more than 600 ports in 123 countries covering 6 continents. Singapore port has 67 berths and terminals are located at Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, Brani, Pasir Panjang, Sembawang and Jurong. 4 terminals covering 52 berths are allocated to handle container vessels and one dedicated terminal for the vehicle which handle about 1 million vehicles per annum.

world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com
world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com

Ningbo-Zhoushan Port

world largest ports-Ningbo-Zhoushan-port-dailylogistic.com

The Port of Ningbo and Port of Zhoushan merged in 2006 which handled as two separate ports earlier. Port is in the cost of east china sea in Zheijiang province. Ningbo is a natural deep water port. Port has services to more than  600 ports over 100 countries. Further, the port has 191 berths with 39 deepwater berths which handle more than 100,00 DWT vessels.

world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com

Port of Shenzhen

world largest ports-Port of Shenzhen-china-dailylogistic.com

Port of Shenzhen is a combination of Da Chan Bay, Shekou, Chiwan, Mawan, Yantian, Dongjiaotou, Fuyong, Xiadong, Shayuchong and Neihe ports in the coastline of Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Port has an average of 6,720 vessel calls per year. Shenzhen port has 140 berths including 18 container berths and 18 ferry berths. Shenzhen ranks the world 4th busiest port in the world and 2nd busiest in the homeland, China.

world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com

Guangzhou Port

world largest ports-GuangzhouPort-china-dailylogistic.com

Guangzhou port is operated by the wholly state-owned Guangzhou Port Group Co., Ltd. Port has 56 berths, 16 buoys and 23 anchorages. Port has connectivity to over 300 ports in 80 countries in the world. Also, the port plays an important role as the economic and transport centre for the Pearl River, Delta region and Guangdong province. Nansha terminal of the port is the only deepwater terminal in Pearl River, Delta region to handle container vessels. Terminal has 10 container berths with 3,500 m quey length.

world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com

Busan Port

world largest ports-Busan port-korea-dailylogistic.com

Busan port has a history starting from 1876. It is the busiest and the largest port in South Korea having connectivity to over 500 ports in 80 countries. shipbuilding, automobiles, steel, electronics, chemicals, ceramics and paper industries are located around the port. Port manages and operates by the Busan Port Authority (BPA).

Busan port consist of North Port, South Port, Gamcheon Port and Dadaepo Port – an international passenger terminal and six container terminals. Port can berth 169 vessels at once and has 91 million tonns of annual capacity.

world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com

Qingdao Port

world largest ports-quingdao port-china-dailylogistic.com

Qingdao port is located between the Bohai Rim port region and the Yangtze River Delta port region in China. Port has 86 berths to handle cargoes including, but not limited to the container, metal ore, coal and crude oil and the provision of ancillary services, logistics and port value-added services. Port has four areas namely Dagang port area (18 berths), Qianwan port area (40 berths), Huangdong oil port area (11 berths), and Dongjiakou port area (17 berths).

world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com

Hong Kong Port

world largest ports-hong kong port-dailylogistic.com

Hong Kong port provides about 300 container liner services per week connecting to around 420 port in the world. Port has container terminals, river trade terminal, mid-stream sites, public cargo working areas (PCWAs) and supporting facilities including shipyards. Port has 9 container terminals operated by 5 operators. (Modern Terminals Ltd (MTL), Hongkong International Terminals Ltd (HIT), COSCO-HIT Terminals (Hong Kong) Ltd (CHT), Goodman DP World Hong Kong Ltd and Asia Container Terminals Ltd (ACT). Hong Kong is a 17m deepwater port.  

world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com

Tianjin Port

world largest ports-tianjin Port-beijing-chinadailylogistic.com

Tianjin port is located at the Beijing-Tianjin city belt and the economic circle of the Bohai Rim Region. The port provides connectivity to Northeast Asia with Midwest Asia. Tianjin Port Alliance International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (TACT), Tianjin Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (TCT), Tianjin Port Euroasia International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (TECT) and Tianjin Port Pacific International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (TPCT) handle the container terminals of the port. Despite the containerised cargo port handles Metal ore, Coal, Oil/Liquid Bulk, Automobiles and General/Break Bulk.

world busiest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com

Jebel Ali Port

world largest ports-jebel ali port-dailylogistic.com

Jebel Ali is the largest port in middle east operated by DP Wolrd. Port has more than  80 weekly shipping services to over 150 countries around the world. Being a hub port, Jebel Ali links eastern and western markets with North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Jebel Ali has 28 container berths with the world largest semi-automated container terminal. Further, the port has a 19.3 million TEU handling capacity.

world busiest portsd-jebel ali teu handling capacity-dailylogistic.com

Port Volumes at a Glance

world largest ports-Port volume at a glance-dailylogistic.com


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