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10 Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

Here we will study the Largest Tanker Companies in 2023.

 There are different types of ships in the world shipping fleet. The bulk cargo in liquid forms is stored in tankers and the tankers are ships designed to transport or store large amounts of liquid or gas. Tankers are also used to ship merchandise such as chemicals, and edible products such as vegetable oils, and wine.

The first tanker was introduced in the late 19th century. Prior to this, technology obviously did not support the idea of moving massive volumes of liquids, and the markets were not designed for shipping or selling cargo in liquid form around the world.  To move refined fuel in bulk between refineries to the demanded markets, the oil industry first utilized tankers.

When considering the size variation of the tankers, ranges from small self-propelled barges to Giga crude carriers which have over 1500 000 DWT. The very large crude carriers (VLCC) and the Ultra large crude carriers (ULCC) are the most popular tankers.

According to the material that ships carry, the tankers are named crude oil carriers, chemical carriers, Liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) carriers, and bunker tankers.

Around 30% of all merchant ships in the world are tankers and have greater competition among the tanker operators it is better to know the Largest tanker companies in 2023.

1. Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

Shell international trading and shipping company is a multinational private limited company, incorporated in October 1953.  In the beginning, the company was known as the Shell international shipping company.

Currently, the main company is located in London, United Kingdom. The parent company of the Shell international trading and shipping company is Royal Dutch Shell. The company mainly caters to oil and gas including the bulk transportation of petroleum and other petroleum-related products, freight water transport for both sea and land, and also contracts dealing with related to security and commodity.

Additionally, the company is in the business of gas and chemicals while holding one of the largest fleets of Liquified Natural gas carriers and oil tankers in the world. The company transports over 5 million barrels of cargo and crude oils around the world using 140 tankers and other gas carriers. Based on the revenue this company is the second largest investor-owned oil and gas company in the world. 

2. BP Shipping Limited

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

BP shipping limited provides shipping services with RORO operations, Oil, Gas, and bulk cargoes around the world with a fleet of nearly 60 ships. Once the company was founded, in 1956, the company was named BP Tanker Company Ltd, and later in 1981, the business changed its name to BP shipping to better reflect its involvement in the marine industry.

The headquarters of BP shipping was formed in Limassol, Cyprus, where daily business operations are conducted. Due to the strategic location of the main operations center, the company is able to compete in some of the most competitive international specialized markets around the world, together with Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Former Soviet United States.

Also, the company operates cargo vessel operations around the US, UK, and the Asia Pacific region. Through its strategic alliance with OSG shipping management, the company carries crude oil from Alaska using the Alaska tanker.

Additionally, the company owned 40% of the stake in China LNG Shipping company, which is the LNG carrier in China. The fleet of the company consists of 4 very large crude carriers, 42 medium-sized crude and product carriers, 7 LNG, and 3 LPG carriers. 

3. Chevron Shipping Company

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

With more than 125 years of legacy the company Chevron shipping in the business of transporting crude oil, LNG, and other refined products around the world to support energy and power requirements. 

The company owns more than 30 vessels and charters other ships to provide efficient services in tanker operations. Chevron’s fleet consists of 9 very large crude carriers, 3 Aframax tankers, and 10 LNG carriers.

The Chevron shipping company is an American-based multinational company based in the United States. The headquarters of the company was established in California, US, and initially, the company was named “Standard Oil Company of California”.

Mostly the company caters to the market of Southeast Asia, North Korea, Australia, and Western North America within the operations of upstream, slightly in midstream, and downstream.

4. ExxonMobil Shipping Company

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

ExxonMobil shipping company, which is also referred to as Exxon, was founded in 1882.  The roots of the company begin with the vacuum oil company and later the company merged with the Standard oil company of New York and became Mobil.

In 1999 the company came to merge contracts with the famous retail brand Exxon and become the present company ExxonMobil shipping company. It is an American-based multinational company. Mainly the company is engaged in the energy industry including oil and gas.

When considering the revenue, the ExxonMobil shipping company becomes the largest investor-owned oil and gas company in the world. Also, with reference to the production and the market value, the company ExxonMobil shipping has become one of the largest among the big oil companies.

The headquarters of the company is established in Irving, Texas. The company accounts for the production of 3% of the world’s oil production and 2% of energy production. Apart from that ExxonMobil shipping provides its service in upstream and downstream oil, coal, chemical, and mineral through vertical integration. 

5. Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

With a targeted portfolio of 40 million tons of LNG annually and a 10% market share by 2020, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions is the second-largest private LNG player in the world.

The main office of the company is founded in Singapore and has sub-offices established in Paris and Geneva. The LNG value chain is covered by Total’s strong diversified position around the world. Besides that, it was revealed by the company that its first large LNG bunker tankers were launched in 2018.

In order to expand the business and jointly build an LNG bunker supply chain in the port of Singapore, Pavilion Energy Singapore and Total marine fuels global solutions have announced a 10-year full-term agreement as well.

6. ConocoPhillips Shipping Company

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

As an American-based multinational company, the ConocoPhillips shipping company is involved in the production and exploration of hydrocarbons. The company was founded as a result of the merger contract between the Continental Oil and Transportation Company (Conoco) and Phillips Petroleum Company.

Its headquarters are in Houston, near the “Texas’s Energy Corridor” of America.  The business operates in 15 nations and produces goods in the US, Canada, Australia, China, Qatar, Libya, and Indonesia.

There are six operating segments that are separated into geographical regions and are used by the company to manage its activities. The ConocoPhillips shipping company began the journey of divesting onshore and offshore operations in Nigeria in 2012.

The company has the honor of having the largest discovery in the “Slagugle well” in 2020 which recorded approximately 75.5 million 201 million barrels of oil. 

7. Trafigura Group Pvt Ltd

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

The company Trafigura group Pvt ltd is mainly in the business of base metals and petroleum. It is a Switzerland company with operations in Singapore.  It is the second biggest private oil dealer and the largest private metal trader in the world.

In addition, Trafigura is behind Vitol group and Glencore, the third-largest physical trading company in the world. The company was founded by six main shareholders at the time. Initially, the company focused on South America with Oil and gas, Eastern Europe with metals, and Africa for oil as the regional markets.

At present, Trafigura group has 65 locations across 36 nations and constructed or acquired shares in storage terminals including pipelines, ports, mined and industrial facilities over 100 affiliated, incorporating the company’s integrated network of operations. 

8. Gunvor Group Ltd

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

In 2000 Gunvor Group Ltd was established in Switzerland as a trader of crude oil and petroleum byproducts.  The company has developed a reputation for reliably procuring, marketing, and transporting petroleum products from places of abundance to those with the highest need by integrating the Gunvor group’s regional markets expertise with global logistics.

While the Gunvor group acts as a physical trader, the company has made wise investments in upstream, midstream, and downstream assets to build a foundation for global growth. 

Gunvor sources crude oil and other require trading products from more than 100 nations.  Additionally, more than 1600 workers work with the company across more than 20 countries including Asia Pacific, America, the Middle East, and Europe. 

9. Vitol Group

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

Vitol is a multinational global energy and commodity facilitating company with its headquarters in Switzerland. The company was established in Rotterdam in 1966. Among the Energy trading companies in the world, Vitol has become the world’s largest independent energy trader. 

It has a presence in 40 locations across the world and sub-headquarters in Geneva, Houston, Singapore, and London. Vito owns 250 supertankers and other vessels in order to transport 350 million tonnes of crude oil per year, around the world.

With this capacity, the company is able to cater to more than 7.6 million barrels as the daily oil requirement of the globe. Apart from the crude oil business, the company does business in industries including LNG, LPG natural gas, coal as well as gasoline, providing services such as exploration, refining, and production.

10. Koch Supply and Trading, LP

Largest Tanker Companies in 2023

Koch supply and trading, LP is one of the giants in the curd oil and petrochemical industry. The company is a multinational company headquartered in Wichita, Kansas.  Initially, the company was started as an engineering firm in America and has grown to become one of the biggest private companies in the world.

Koch supply and trading, LP which has more than 40 years of trading experience, assists in ensuring a consistent supply of energy products to the world. Currently, the company caters to more than 75 different kinds of products and is traded in over 70 countries with a 120 000 strong workforce.

In 2014 the Koch supply and trading, LP became the “Natural Gas House of the year” offered by the “Energy Risk Magazine.” Prior to being out of use, crude oil, natural gas, and refined petroleum products must be purchased from the producers, sold to the customers, and transported to the particular destination. 

The company is conducting the whole process in order to provide efficient reliable service to their customer base.

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