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10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)

The 10 largest container Ship operators (By Capacity) mentioned below. The TEU capacity of each line has considered for the listing.

01. APM-Maersk

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-APM-Maersk-dailylogistic.com
Photo Credit: APM-Maersk: Emma Maersk

APM- Maersk ranked 1st over the years in the 10 largest containership operators(By capacity). The AP Moller Maersk has established in Svendborg, Denmark way back in 1904 with the name of Dampskibsselskabet Svendborg. And the Moller family’s 2nd company, Dampskibsselskabet af founded in 1912. In 2003 both companies merged as AP Moller-Maersk. The Maersk fleet has 707 ships to handle 4,192,742 TEUs. The total fleet includes 314 of Maersk owned ships which could handle up to 2,356,393 TEUs. And the balance 393 ships are charted ships which handle 1,836,349 TEUs, 44% from the total capacity. Maersk has 18 ships in order book with a capacity of 42,670 TEUs.

02. MSC

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-msc-Mediterranean shipping company-dailylogistic.com
Credit to MSC: MSC Kanoko (built 2019) 14,336 TEU

The Mediterranean Shipping Company Founded in 1970 Geneva, Switzerland. MSC is a family-owned shipping line and 2nd largest container operator in the world. MSC calls at 500 ports around the world on 200 trade routes. The MSC fleet has 565 ships to handle 3,766,049 TEUs. The total fleet includes 178 of MSC owned ships which could handle up to 1,047,480  TEUs. And 72% of the total fleet covering 387 ships are charted ships which handle 2,718,569 TEUs. MSC has 15 ships in order book with a capacity of 256,256 TEUs.

03. COSCO Group

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-COSCO Group-dailylogistic.com
Photo Credit: COSCO

COSCO has established on 11th November 1997. The company is having its headquarters in Shanghai, China. The COSCO fleet has 481 ships to handle 2,938,030 TEUs. The total fleet includes 174 of COSCO owned ships which could handle up to 1,552,917 TEUs. And 47% of the total fleet covering 307 ships are charted ships which handle 1,385,113 TEUs. COSCO has no ships in the order book as per January 2020.

04. CMA CGM Group

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-CMA CGM Group-dailylogistic.com
Photo Credit: CMA CGM

CMA CGM has its presence in 160 countries through 755 agencies. The company has a wide fleet of 502 vessels with a capacity of 2,695,863 TEUs.CMA CGM serves 420 of the world’s 521 commercial ports and operates 285 shipping lines. A capacity of 998,815 TEUs in 125 ships are CMA CGM group owned and balance with 1,697,048 TEUs is charted. The group has 31 ships in order book with a capacity of 471,036 TEUs. When comparing with the COSCO, CMA CGM is in the higher ranking if considered the total fleet size.

05. Hapag‐Lloyd 

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-Hapag Lloyd-dailylogistic.com
Photo Credit: Hapag-Lloyd: BerlinExpress

Hapag-Lloyd operates in 129 countries in 394 offices with around 13,000 employees. The line has 22 liner services worldwide operating to 600 ports around the world. The ownership of Hapag lies with CSAV (30.0%), Klaus Michael Kühne (incl. Kühne Holding AG and Kühne Maritime GmbH (30.0%), HGV Hamburger Gesellschaft für Vermögens- und Beteiligungsmanagement mbH (13.9%), Qatar Investment Authority (12.3%), the Public Investment Fund on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (10.2%), and a free float of 3.6 %. Total of 1,717,889 TEU capacity handles with 240 ships and 111  ships with the capacity 1,050,736 TEUs owned by the line. The balance 39% comprising 667,153 TEUs are from the charted vessels. 54 ships out of the modern fleet are above 10,000 TEUs.

06. ONE

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-ONE-ocean network express-dailylogistic.com
Photo Credit: ONE

Ocean Network Express established on July 7, 2017. ONE formed with the integration of ‘K Line, MOL and NYK. The company set in Japan and have regional headquarters in Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, USA and Brazil. Total of 1,581,368 TEU capacity handles with 221 ships and 75  ships with the capacity of 543,028 TEUs owned by ONE. And the balance of 1,038,340 TEUs from the 146 of charted ships.  Charted vessels count for 66% of the total fleet.

07. Evergreen 

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-evergreen group-dailylogistic.com
Photo Credit: JOC

The evergreen group established in September 1968 in Taiwan. The line launched its first full container service in 1975, connecting the Far East and the US East Coast. The Evergreen fleet has 200 ships to handle 1,276,568 TEUs. The total fleet includes 109 of Evergreen owned ships which could handle up to 566,051 TEUs. And 56% of the total fleet covering 91 ships are charted ships which handle 710,517 TEUs. Evergreen has 69 ships in order book with a capacity of 557,002 TEUs.

08. Yang Ming 

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-Yang ming-dailylogistic.com
Photo Credit: Yang Ming

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation is based in Keelung, Taiwan. The company founded in December 1972. Yang Ming has a total capacity 646,630 TEUs in 100 ships in the global fleet. The total fleet includes 42 of Yang Ming owned ships which could handle up to 192,497  TEUs. And 70% of the total fleet covering 58 ships are charted ships which handle 454,133 TEUs. Yang Ming has 24 ships in order book with a capacity of 198,100 TEUs.

09. HMM 

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-HMM-Hyundai merchant marine-dailylogistic.com
Photo Credit: HMM

Hyundai Merchant Marine established in 1976 in Seoul, South Korea. HMM has services to more than 60 sea routes and over 100 ports of call. In April 2020, HMM started a new cooperation with Hapag-Lloyd, ONE and Yang Ming as a full member of “THE” Alliance. HMM handles 484,526 TEUs from the global container capacity with a 67 fleet size.  The capacity of 233,598 TEUs in 20 ships are HMM owned and balance 47 ships are with a capacity of  250,928 TEUs are charted ships. HMM has 16 ships in the order book and owned the world largest container ship- HMM Algeciras. HMM Oslo, HMM Hamburg and HMM Dublin also in the same capacity as HMM Algeciras- 24, 000 TEUs. Company has ordered 12 ships from the same TEU capacity. As well 16,00 TEU ships which will deliver in 2021.

10. PIL 

10 Largest Container Ship Operators (By Capacity)-PIL-Pasific International line-dailylogistic.com
Photo Credit: PIL

Pacific International Lines incorporated on the 16th of March 1967. Company Founded by Mr Chang Yun Chung and ten assembled shareholders in Singapore with two former Dutch ships ‘Kota Singa’ and ‘Kota Naga’. PIL handle 392,410 TEUs from the global container capacity.  A capacity of 157,057 TEUs in 69 ships are PIL owned and balance 50 ships are with a capacity of  235,353 TEUs is charted ships. Charted ships count for 60% of the total fleet.

Market Share by Capacity

Below graph shows the market share of each container-ship operator by their capacity

10 Largest Container Ship Operators-market share by capacity-dailylogistic.com

Disclaimer: Listing is as per the available market information and Daily Logistic hold no responsibility over them.


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