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Customs Declaration- CusDec

What is CusDec Stand for?

Customs Declaration

What is the Use of Customs Declaration?

Every country has a border control body to control the goods flow from the county and, to the country. As importers and exporters, you must declare the importing or exporting goods to the customs. The customs act as the main border control body. The customs have their own format to fill the details and submit for declaration. This format calls a customs declaration or CusDec. The Payable duties and levies of the cargo can identify after feeding the data to cusdec.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has introduced the cusdec to smooth the customs work process and have a uniform system in the world.


UNCTAD has introduced the ASYCUDA system with the intention to support customs management. ASYCUDA system contains facilities including customs declarations, manifests to handle day-today work and other analysis.

ASYCUDA’s latest version ASYCUDA world introduced in 2016.

Who are the Users of ASYCUDA in a Country

  • Customs
  • Customs House Agents
  • Shipping Lines/NVOCC
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Government Agencies
  • Ports/Terminals

For more information on the ASYCUDA system, please visit

What is CusDec Framing?

The process of filling a Customs declaration simply calls the cusdec framing. Cusdec framing should do in ASYCUDA (Latest ASYCUDA World) system.

What is Entry passing?

After the CusDec Framing completes the next step is entry passing. Arrange all the documents related (what are the related documents) to the cargo and submit to the Customs. Customs will check the document and approve for clearance. This process calls as the entry passing

Here related documents include the:

  • Duly filled cusdec
  • Delivery order collected from shipping line
  • Cargo invoice, packing list,
  • Special approvals from other authorities if any (tea board approval, import and export control board approval etc)
  • Certificates (Certificate of Origin, Analytical certificate etc)
  • BL
  • Etc

What is Cargo clearing?

After the entry passing completes the next step is to do the cargo clearance.  Customs officers will double-check the document set and will examine the cargo and cross-check. Under clearance, officers check whether the cargo match with what is in the documents. After the examination CHA can pay the Wearhouse rent and take the cargo out.

Who Prepare the Customs Declaration, and do the CusDec related work?

Customs House Agent has access to the ASYCUDA system to frame the CusDec. Further, responsible for document passing and clearing.

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