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Customs House Agent (CHA)- Customs Broker

Who is a Customs House Agent?

As the name reflects the agent of the customs calls the Customs House Agent. The customs broker act as the connecting party between the Customs of a country and the cargo owner.

The Customs House Agent is responsible to do the customs-related work of importing or exporting goods. This related work includes CusDec framing, entry passing, and cargo clearance.

Without going through the customs process you won’t be able to get the goods out of the custody of the customs. Further, it is mandatory to declare your cargo to customs.

What are the Other Names Use to Call Customs House Agents?

  • Wharf clerk
  • Customs Broker
  • Clearing Agent
  • CHA

Can I Do the Customs Clearance of My Own Cargo

Hmm… Most of us have this question. Not everyone has the right to do it. Only the customs authorized agents have the right to engage in this job.

If you are not authorized by the customs, then you won’t be able to clear your own goods. If you are a customs broker, you can clear your own cargo.

How to Become a Customs Broker

Remember, you cannot become a customs broker overnight. It involves some work. Hard work comes first…First, you need to join a company that provides clearing services to the customers.

Then you have to have proper on-the-job training. Here your training will only include the documentation work. You can learn the responsibilities of the clearing agent, CusDec framing, preparing of clearing documents.

Since you don’t have the Customs House Agent certificate, yet you won’t be able to work in the field (Work you have to do in the customs office).

Here, you have to join the company first as it is mandatory to provide a letter from the company confirming you as an employee of a clearing company.

Then register with your country’s customs to join the customs house agent course. The Customs conduct classes to upgrade your knowledge. And at the end of the course, you must sit for an exam.

If you pass the exam custom will issue a certificate. This certificate confirms your first and most important part to be a CHA. And without the certificate, you won’t be able to register yourself as a wharf clerk.

Customs broker is a well-recognized job if you wish to select as your carrier. Further, CHA plays a very important role in the logistics need of an international trader.

After getting the Clearing Agent Certificate…

The documents request to register yourself as a customs broker may slightly differ from country to country. Thus, below could be some mandatory documents for your understanding.

  • Customs House Agent Certificate
  • Duly filled CHA registration application
  • Document to verify your identity

There are companies that only engage in cargo clearing. Some freight forwarding companies offer clearing services to customers.

At the same time, some importing and exporting companies have their own cargo clearing unit.

So, you can continue your career in any of these. Plus, you can have your own clearing company too.

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